Tamara Thompson

Licensing & Commercial Contracts

Tamara and Kate Kirby, a member of Tamara’s team, have extensive experience working with a variety of clients in a variety of industries on licensing and commercial matters. They negotiate and draft a wide range of agreements including intellectual property development, transfer and assignments, inbound and outbound licensing of biotechnology, media and content, mobile applications and cloud services and products, inbound and outbound licensing of SaaS/PaaS solutions as well as a variety of other transactions for clients in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other locations.

They frequently assist clients with creating form agreements, website and privacy policies and localizing contracts for use in the US and the UK. They also frequently draft and review confidential and proprietary information and invention assignment agreements, services agreements and confidentiality agreements, both in the US and the UK.

Within their clients’ organizations, Tamara and Kate frequently support the executive staff, sales, business development, human resources and marketing functions, as well as in-house attorneys, contract administrators and negotiators who would like assistance or additional capacity. This can take the form of ongoing coverage, end-of-quarter support, as well as vacation, maternity, annual leave and any other coverage a client may request.

Tamara and Kate enjoy getting to know their clients in-depth and both have worked in-house. Their style is practical, timely, precise and efficient. They love providing great service to the teams with whom they work.


ABB Optical (Primary Eye Care Network and Eye Lab Company)

  • Create Software Development Agreement for multi-phase and year project

Adept Technology, Inc. (Intelligent Robotics)

  • In-and-Out Bound Software License Agreements
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agreements
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Other Agreements

Celdara Medical LLC (Building Discoveries into Investment Grade Start-Up Companies)

  • Master Services Agreement
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive License Agreements
  • Strategic Partnerships

Enterprise Technology Group, Inc. (Web Content Management and SaaS)

Moovweb Ltd. (Cloud-Based Mobile Platform) EMEA Contracts Support

Solinea, Inc. (Cloud Strategy for Enterprise and Service Providers)

  • Create Master Service Agreement Form
  • Partnership Service Agreements and Negotiation Support
  • Draft all Company Offer Letter and Proprietary and Assignment Agreements Forms

SyntheticMR AB (SyMRI® software that provides fast MRI workflows)

Valiance Partners, Inc. (Data Migration Service and Software)

  • Create Form Services and Software Agreements
  • Draft and Negotiate Partner Transactions, including Referral, Value-added Reseller and Out-bound Licensing Agreements


Other clients with whom Tamara and Kate have worked include:

Actionality, Inc. (Mobile Marketing Technology), which was acquired by Yahoo!

  • License Agreements
  • Developing Form Agreements for Various Offerings

Data Empowerment Group (Data Warehousing and Storage)

  • Software Licenses (Out-bound)
  • Technology Development Agreements
  • Service Contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Efficient Frontier Europe Limited (Performance Management Platform), which was acquired by Adobe.

Genelabs Technologies, Inc. (Drug Discovery & Development)

  • Material Transfer Agreement and Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs)
  • Inbound and Outbound Licenses and Other Agreements

Kaaya, Inc. (Goods Importer from India to the US)

  • Strategic Sourcing Agreements
  • NDA and IP Assignment Documentation

Rainstor (Information Preservation)

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agreements
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Other Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements

SenSage, Inc. (Enterprise Event Data Warehouse for Security Compliance Area Systems Management), which is now a subsidiary of Hexis Cyber Solutions

  • English and European Law Advice on Commercial Contracts and Other Matters

The Gap, Inc. (Retail Clothing)

  • Design, Development, Services and Other Agreements

Totality Corporation (Web Site Infrastructure Design & Management), which is now part of Verizon

  • Supported Internal Counsel on Complex Contract Negotiations for Services
  • Supported Drafting and Negotiation of IP Licenses (In-bound and Out-bound)
  • Assisted with Form Agreement Updates and Improvements
  • Provided Extra Capacity and Vacation Coverage to Internal Team

Trinity Partners Incorporated (Business Process Outsourcing), which was acquired by WNS Global Limited

  • Developed Form Term Sheets, LOEs and Agreements
  • Negotiated Customer Contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Voxify, Inc. (Voice Recognition Technology and Services), which is now part of 24/7

  • Subscriber Source Agreements
  • Reseller and Partnering Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Xcert International, Inc. (PKI/Security), which was acquired by RSA Security, Inc.

  • License Agreements (Out-bound)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agreements
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreements
  • Strategic Partnership Agreements
  • Referral Agreements and other Marketing-Related Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Zantaz, Inc. (Data Storage, Compliance Technology & Discovery Solutions), which is now part of Autonomy

  • Supporting Large Customer Contract Negotiations
  • Providing Extra Capacity and Vacation Coverage to Internal Team
  • Handling Non-Standard Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Developing Form Agreements for Various Service Offerings


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